Announcement pertaining to Anime Detour 2021

Group Registration Instructions

We will accept bulk registrations with a single check or money order from any group. We only offer $5 off the current individual Pre-Registration rate for each person in the group. To receive the discount, the club must include 5+ members attending Anime Detour and be a part of an accredited (officially approved) educational institution or Scouting program. Please read the Registration FAQ for current information.

Friendly Reminder: Please triple check your packet before mailing. If you send us more then one check, confusing cover sheet, missing Individual Registration Forms etc... We will probably return the group registration packet to sender. Anime Detour reserves the right to not process incomplete or illegible forms, and instead return them to the sender. All group packets must be postmarked by February 6th, 2022. The convention will return-to-sender all mail postmarked after the last pre-registration deadline.

Questions: First, read the group registration instructions and FAQ thoroughly! After reading and still have clarification questions, please contact the registration department.

Please be sure to read our registration policies.

Things to note

  • Group leaders and chaperones are required to be at least 18 years of age and be registered members of the convention as they will be held responsible for the group's behavior. If you are an adult chaperone in an educational group of 5 or more children (ages 6-12), you qualify for a free adult badge! Please indicate on your individual form and the group list that you will be receiving the free badge (limit one per group).
  • Be sure all of your members are included that you are going to include. After you send in your packet, you may NOT add someone later.
  • Make photocopies of all paperwork in the instance there is an issue with your group registration at the convention. Keep the photocopies for your records and send in the originals. If we have no record of your group's registration and you do not have proof that you have paid/sent it in, your group will not be issued badges.
  • Make sure all of your forms are included in your packet. Anime Detour reserves the right to not process incomplete/illegible forms/packets and instead return them to the sender for correction.
  • Photo ID will be required to be shown before badges will be issued.

Group Registration Instructions

  1. Each person must fill out an Individual Registration Form.
  2. The group leader should prepare and fill out all of the following:
    • Cover Sheet - This is required for groups wishing to receive the Educational Discount ($5 off the current individual Pre-Registration Rate). For other groups, this is not required. See the “Forms” section for updated information regarding the cover sheet.
    • Group contact Info Page - This designates who is authorized to pick up badges. If this page is not included with your group packet, your group members will be required to pick up their badges individually from the general registration line.
    • List of Group Registrants - This is a summary of all of the members of your group. Remember that each person must still fill out an individual registration form.
  3. Verify and re-verify all information
  4. Make a photocopy of all paperwork for your group registration and bring it to the convention with you.
  5. Write a single check or money order, made payable to Anime Twin Cities, Inc. (not Anime Detour! Anime Twin Cities, Inc. is the non-profit that runs Anime Detour.)
  6. Mail the packet to the Anime Detour mailbox before the final pre-registration deadline.
  7. Group Leaders or chaperones will pick up badges for the entire group (minimize individual pickups), provided that your group provided the Group contact Info Page. Otherwise, your members will be required to pick up their badges on their own from the general pick up line.

Group Registration Forms

  1. Cover Sheet (Required for accredited clubs for discount)
    • School Groups: Includes a brief summary of the group and stating it is a school affiliated organization. Print the letter onto official letterhead (this will be enforced) and have it signed by the school principal, student activities coordinator, or club sponsor.
    • Scout Groups: Include a brief summary of the Troop's activities. Provide the registered Troop number and the letter should be signed by the Troop leader.
    • Contact information for the the school and/or troop should be included in the letter.
  2. Group contact Info Page (PDF)
  3. List of Group Registrants(PDF)
  4. Individual Registration Form - Each member of the group must fill out an individual registration form.

Mailing Address

When you get everything completed, send it to the Anime Detour mailbox:

Anime Twin Cities, Inc.
P.O. Box 48309
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Hotel Rooms

We will have a block of hotel rooms set aside for those applying for the Educational Discount. Once the group packet is received, an email will be sent out to the group leader with a link that will allow them to book hotel rooms.