Announcement pertaining to Anime Detour 2021

Hotel Reservations

Anime Twin Cities, Inc.
P.O. Box 48309
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Anime Detour utilizes a process called Full Allocation.
All reservations will go through Anime Detour via an online form.
Each member may only reserve one room under their name.

Room Rates

2 People 3 People 4 People
Standard Room (2 Queen Beds) $129/night $149/night $169/night
Standard Room (King Bed) $129/night $149/night $169/night

Rates are valid Thursday-Sunday(Monday Checkout).


  • Reservations for Anime Detour Hotel Rooms require a Two Night Minimum Stay (Friday and Saturday night) to qualify for the reduced Detour rate.
  • At least one person staying in your Hotel room must be registered with Anime Detour in order to qualify for the reduced Anime Detour block rate.
  • The person paying for the room does NOT have to be registered as an Attendee for Anime Detour (ex. The parent of an attending child).
  • A hotel room is NOT a guarantee of a membership (nor does the price of the hotel room include a membership) for Anime Detour. Anyone staying in your hotel room that is NOT registered with Anime Detour will NOT be allowed access to the convention/badged spaces, only to the hotel room and public spaces.
  • You must be 18 years old in order to make a Hotel Reservation.
  • An adult/parent/legal guardian who is 18+ MUST be staying in the room where there are minors (17 and under).

Additional Requests:

  • If you wish to be placed near someone please put their name(s) in the Comments in your reservation request. We cannot guarantee placement.
  • If you require an ADA Accessible room please email the Anime Detour Reservations Department AFTER you have entered your reservation with this system. Please include your FULL NAME, reservation number, and Contact Information. We will make every effort to place you in an ADA Accessible room. Due to the limited number of these rooms, we cannot guarantee placement.
  • If you require a mini refrigerator for your medical needs (ex. insulin storage) please email the Anime Detour Reservations Department with your FULL NAME, reservation number, and Contact Information. Due to the limited nature of these items we will make every effort to make these available through the Hotel for you. Please also make a note of this need in your reservation request.
  • Single individuals reserving a Double will be moved to a King, you must have at least two people in your room to have a Double.


  • In order to book multiple rooms we require that you contact to let us know when your group is doing so.
  • You may book the additional rooms before contacting ad_reservations, however if we do not receive notification within a few weeks of you booking multiple rooms for a group we will cancel the additional rooms.
  • As an alternative we very much recommend that you book each additional room that you need through different members of your group and then make a note to us that you would like these rooms next to each other.


There are a very limited number of Suites available. If you would like to request a Suite please email the Anime Detour Reservations Department. We recommend that you still make a reservation for a regular room first, that way you will have a room, in the event we are unable to place you in a Suite. It will also mean that you are in the Hotel's system and make it very easy for us to change your room to a suite.

Anime Detour reserves the right to cancel/change/modify any room reservation before or during the Convention regardless of the situation. We will make all reasonable efforts to give notification if such an action is undertaken. Anime Detour maintains the Anime Detour Room Block and special group rates for all guest rooms within the Hotel for Registered Anime Detour attendees only (this includes Dealers/Guests of Honor/Special Guests/AD Staff and others as determined by the Chairman, Division Heads, and Hotel Head for Anime Detour). By making a reservation with the Hotel for Anime Detour you are agreeing to these terms.

Personal Note to Attendees from the Anime Detour Hotel Head: Please note that while our terms may sound strict they exist for very rare and specific situations, and will not be exercised lightly. That is to say, we reserve these rights in order to give all of our attendees the very best experience possible.

Incidental / Damage Hold on Account

Please remember as you check into the hotel there will be an authorization hold for possible incidentals/damage on your room. This is a hotel corporate policy and Anime Detour has no control over this policy.

This will NOT be charged to your card upon check out unless you use incidentals (room services, etc) or cause damage to your room/items in the room (towels). This is a hold they place on your account at check in (like when paying at the gas station they authorize a $1 but if will change when the payment is processed).


Make sure to fill out the hotel room request form during the open request period.