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Room Parties Program

Room Parties Contact (ad_parties)

What could make a party like Anime Detour even more fun and exciting? More parties! Screenings, music, crafts, food, and more, all brought to you by your fellow con-goers! Heck YEAH!

Please click here if you’re interested in hosting a room party at Anime Detour!

For everyone else, here are few bits and bobs to help you discover what exactly we do up in here. YAY FAQ!

Q: What is a room party, you might ask?

A: They are parties hosted by convention attendees in the cabana rooms on the first and second floors around the pool of the hotel. Room parties can have almost any theme you can dream up - from anime to video games to food to music to arts and crafts, it can be very nearly anything!

Q: So, like, what do you do in a room party?

A: There are all kinds of activities in the room parties, depending on the theme and the hosts. Some are for chilling out with cool people, maybe playing video games or watching anime or just talking. Some are great for dancing or playing music games. Some even do fun arts and crafts! Basically, room parties are a great way to find people with similar interests and hang out. Bonus feature: making new friends.

Q: Do I need to pay to get into them?

A: Nope! Room parties don’t sell anything except registrations for other conventions. HOWEVER, it’s a great idea to tip your hosts! Your friendly neighborhood room party hosts put a lot of time, effort, and love into hosting parties for you. Bring cash if you can, because tips are always appreciated.

Q: Will there be alcohol there?

A: Some room parties will be serving alcohol, yes. And before you ask - yes, you will be carded if you want it. Bring your ID ( and don't forget the tips! ).

Q: Should I dress up? What should I wear?

A: Whatever you want, as long as everything that legally needs to be covered is covered. If you want to cosplay while partying, it’s a good idea to leave any large props in your car or hotel room, and please be aware of the size of what you’re wearing. There will be a lot of people crammed into the halls and big costumes sometimes make it harder to get through, even though they are totally awesome (omg those shoulder pads).

If you don’t want to cosplay, that’s fine too! You can wear anything from t-shirts and jeans to club wear to your newest steampunk outfit. Just about anything goes. Wear comfortable shoes. Partying + uncomfortable shoes = blisters, sore feet, twisted ankles, general unhappiness! It’s hard to have a ton of fun when your feet hurt.

Q: When are the room parties open? How do I know when to go?

A: Room parties will have their hours listed in the program books, on signs outside the rooms, and on big posters at the end of each hall. They’ll start opening up Friday afternoon of the convention when programming starts. You can even find them in Sched!


A: YEAH, we love it when people want to party! Please make sure that you are respectful, not only to the room party hosts but to other attendees as well. Clean up after yourself! Don’t be a jerk! Don’t break the hotel! This can make the difference in a bad night and everyone having a good time, and we want everyone to have a good time. Be excellent to each other, people.

Q: What does the Room Parties department do?

A: The Room Parties department coordinates everything in regards to hosting a room party. We handle all of the background logistics of allowing someone to host a room party. That includes things like sending the special room reservation link and assigning the rooms. Managing the party host requests, and generally trying to make things go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. We won’t help you move in, but we will make sure that you can do so. We also provide a welcome pack of snacks for hosts!

Q: Awesome, I want to host one of these neato parties! What do I need to know?

A: GREAT! First, you need to register for the convention here. Then you need to submit your party idea here. After our department approves your party, we will send you a special link to reserve your room at the hotel along with other useful information you may want to know. You can always contact us with any questions you have and we will do our best to answer them! Email: Room Parties Contact (ad_parties)