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Membership Transfers - What You Need to Know!

Transfering Badges 101

Are you unable to attend Anime Detour and wish to transfer it to someone else? Are you looking to aquire a badge from someone? This page has information you NEED TO KNOW.

As a reminder, ALL membership transfers MUST go through the registration department in order to be considered valid.

The person surrendering the badge must fill out the membership transfer form. It MUST be completely filled out and SIGNED by the original member.

We accept transfers by snail mail through February 6th, 2022and email (scanned and sent by attachment) through February 18th, 2022 free of charge. Any transfers past that deadline must be done at the convention. There is a $5 administration fee for ALL transfers done at the convention - cash only, exact

The person surrendering the badge can COMPLETELY fill out and SIGN the form, then give it to the person they are transfering it to and that person can bring it to the registration counter at the convention for processing. This person must show valid ID at the time of processing. They will receive the badge with the badge name of the original member. We will not re-print badges. (this is due to limited supplies)

Registration Confirmation Number Validator


  • If the form is incomplete, missing a signature, or the information provided does not match our records, the transfer will be DENIED
  • If we can not find the original member in our database, the transfer will be DENIED
  • Any transfer that does not use the specified form above will be DENIED
  • We do NOT accept transfers over the phone, no exceptions, so please don't ask.
  • You may NOT show us a digital copy of the form on a cell phone, computer, or otherwise. It MUST be a physical, printed copy of the form we can hold on to.
Please check out our registration FAQ for more information regarding our transfer (and other) policies.
Remember, you can not just simply give your badge to someone else, it must be transfered through the registration department first. Any individual caught using someone else's badge may be subject to removal from the convention without refund.
The registration department reserves the right to deny any transfer for any reason!
Thank you for your cooperation!
Anime Detour Registration Department

Updated March, 2017