Announcement pertaining to Anime Detour 2021

Organization Chart

Anime Twin Cities Board: Current Board of Directors <ATC Website>

Anime Detour Chairman: Troy MacDonald

Anime Detour Divisions

Shikuko Division
Jason Horning
Consuite Michelle C.
Photography Peter V.
Tabletop Gaming DJ J
Video Lee H.
Video Gaming Joe O.
Hokkaido Division
Michael Nicchetta
Artist Alley Hotura V.
Con Comm John H.
Programming David V.
Registration Clarissa B.
Reservations Michael N. (Acting)
Room Parties Holly J.
Honshu Division
Andy Tso
Charity Christina F. & Apple S.
IT Drew N.
Marketing Buttons L.
Merchandise Lauren G.
Themes Jeff S.
Volunteers Hope K.
Kyushu Division
Alex Oswald
Cosplay Kathryn P.
Exhibit Hall Emily K.
Guest Relations Christina F.
Facilities Anthony L.
Logistics OPEN
Tech Tristan A.