Announcement pertaining to Anime Detour 2021

Anime Detour Registration

Registration Status

Pre-Registration Closed - At Door Only

Registration Information and FAQs

Pre-Registration: At-Door

Anime Detour is no longer accepting pre-registrations. We will have badges for sale at the door until our capacity has been reached. See Registration Policies for details.

Confirmation Policy

Everyone will receive an email from Anime Detour after their registration is entered into the system. The email will contain a confirmation number from us as well as a welcome letter with basic information. If you registered online, this will come almost immediately after your payment was accepted, however if you registered by mail this can take many weeks to get entered into our system, however as long as your email was correct on the registration you will get a confirmation email. If you register online you will get another email from A Secure Cart, who is our payment processor. They will confirm that you have been billed.

Registration Policies

Please be sure to read our Registration policies as the information can change from year to year.

Note: You are purchasing a membership to a yearly event, NOT a ticket! What does this mean? This means the legal owner of the membership is the person's name who appears on it, NOT the person who paid for it! Providing false or otherwise ficticious names on registrations can make it impossible for a badge to be issued for that registration.

Membership Transfer

Something came up and now unable to attend? No problem, we allow you to transfer your membership to another individual.

Please visit our Badge Transfer Guide for information on how to transfer your badge, as well as a utility to help verify the validity of a badge you may be acquiring.